Technology Management

Specific job description:

1. Responsible for the management of the establishment, budget, promotion, coordination, inspection, and conclusion of scientific and technological projects;

2. Responsible for business negotiation, agreement signing and follow-up of foreign cooperation projects;

3. Responsible for the daily management, excavation, reward declaration and achievement transformation of scientific and technological achievements;

4. Responsible for other work related to technology management;


1. Bachelor degree or above, business management, business management, engineering management and other engineering and management related majors.

2. Familiar with technology project declaration and expense management procedures and requirements.

3. Good writing, with strong management ability, organization and coordination ability, communication ability, and overall planning ability.

4. Positive, hardworking, daring to take responsibility, and a high sense of responsibility.

Work location: Shanghai

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Statistics or file management
Specific job description:

1. Responsible for the sorting, classification, numbering, registration and filing of all files and technical data of the enterprise according to the relevant regulations of file management;

2. Responsible for checking the completeness of the archives and materials in the warehouse or returning due, and reporting the problems in time;

3. Have a strong ability to analyze and judge data, and be sensitive to numbers.

4. Responsible for data collection, statistics, visualization and analysis, and complete business reports.


1. Bachelor degree or above, major in statistics, archives, information science, information management, etc.;
2. Familiar with the specific procedures and methods of file management;

3. With good professional ethics and professionalism, strong confidentiality;

4. Work seriously, meticulously, organized, responsible, and have strong learning ability;

Work location: Shanghai

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